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How to Make Pesto Pasta

With Bacon.

Having recently moved out of my mother’s house I no longer get to enjoy the peaceful home living I had enjoyed previously where my mother gladly cooked every night we didn’t get takeaway. Whilst I am living a much healthier life now that my mother does not have every opportunity to smother me with chocolate (thanks mom, you still try), I now have to pick up a frying pan and learn how to cook. Honestly before I moved out I could make instant noodles, eggs, toast and wow how did Banting pizza fall in there? So obviously, I had to start somewhere. My mother being the person who’s cooking I have eaten throughout my entire life thus far, naturally, I turned to her for guidance.

Anyone who has recently moved out has, I’m sure, known the pleasure of visiting home for free food. Unless you made the mistake of moving far away from home upon your first leaving of the next. In such a case, I pity you. Upon one of these many visits home, I approached my mother during her dinner preparations. I asked her advice regarding quick and easy meal preparations for the lazy millennial and she responded with pasta.

There are many advantages to living close to home. One of these is the “care packages” my mother often sends me. These usually include pasta… as well as the odd chocolate or box of oreos my mother cannot help but throw in. The most wonderful thing about pasta is that it is such a versatile dish. If you simply have pasta, you can decide what you want to go with it and simply pop down to the shop for it. The ease of this dish allowed us to decide on a few simple ingredients one afternoon, throw it together and add it to the pasta. 1 ,2 ,3 done.

As previously mentioned, we are lazy millennials so you will find nothing fancy about this pasta dish. Perhaps the fanciest thing about this pasta is the pesto which we happened upon in the shop and decided to add instead of a creamy pasta sauce. But you will find it easy and quick to put together. Indeed, I have completed this dish and devoured my share all within a half hour. Without further ado I shall describe the preparation methods.


  • Pasta of your choice.
  • Bacon.
  • Onion(s).
  • Sweet pepper.
  • Basil Pesto.
  • Olive oil.
  • Rosemary.
  • Thyme.
  • Garlic and Herbs.


Note: we don’t measure ingredients, we just gooi.


Pour boiling water into a pot and place it on the stove. Pour in as much pasta as you feel you can eat in one evening. Make sure the water just covers it. We like to throw salt in at this point but I’m not actually sure if this does anything for the pasta. Try it out and tell me how you feel about it.

Pour some olive oil into a frying pan – note that if you use margarine you are a heathen and must spend 1000 years imprisoned before your sins can be redeemed. Put the pan on the stove and chop your onions and sweet pepper whilst it is heating up. The pan should be sufficiently hot by the time you’ve finished chopping the ingredients and you’ll be satisfied by the sweet sizzling sound as you throw them in. Make sure to stir everything. You’ll find yourself in a catastrophe if you don’t. Those are unpleasant.

Cut your bacon into bite sized pieces – nobody wants to stick a whole piece of bacon in their mouth whilst eating pasta. It is most uncouth. Throw this in with the onion and sweet pepper. It is at this point that we drown our frying pan in rosemary, thyme and garlic and herbs. A little bit does not go a long way – we must not be shy with our seasoning. We would also add salt and pepper at this point although this can be added whilst dining. Keep stirring! Don’t burn anything!

When the pasta is finished cooking (you should be able to fish out a piece and it should be soft) you can strain and rinse it then transfer it back into the empty pot to which you can add your cooked ingredients and mix. My pesto bottle told me to add 1tsp to 30ml oil and 30ml hot water so I somewhat disregarded that and mixed equal parts in a cup. Feel free to follow the instructions on your pesto bottle. Once you have mixed the pesto, add it to the pasta pot and mix once more.

Congratulations, you have made pesto pasta. With bacon. There was probably something in there that was done wrong, I mean why would you follow my recipe of all recipes? I’m not Nigella.


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  • Marthie Armstrong
    Posted at 16:18h, 22 February

    If you enjoiyed it, anybody else will too as you were not easy to feed – LOL – guess what is for dinner on your next visit – Mom

    • Jade Armstrong
      Posted at 17:01h, 22 February

      Lol, mom, you’re savage. I’m excited to try your version of my recipe.

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